About our club

It was in 1948 reverent lt. Ashutosh Ghosh had provided shelter for eighteen youths of burning ambition on a plot of land of 71, Upendra Nath Mitra Lane, with the grace and hearty co-operation the platform takes place at 31, Ashutosh Mukherjee Lane the club premise of Salkia Chatra Bayam Samity. Still now we remember those who had toiled a lat to establish the club though they ware in their ultimate rest in place Lt Dilip Kumar Banerjee, Lt Nirmal Kumar Sikdar, Lt Asit Adhya, Lt Gour Mukherjee, Lt Subir Palit, Lt. Shivbas Banerjee, Lt himanshu Chakraborty, Lt. Madhusudan Chatterjee. It is completely out of question to forget those names without whose help we could notachive a success, they ware Lt. Sanat Kumar Chatterjee, Lt. Nironjan Sarkar, Lt Lankeshwar Sadhukhan, Lt. Baidyanath Mujherjee, Lt Suri Reddy, Lt Dr. Satyendranath Bhowmik, Lt Prasad Chakraborty, Lt Jotindra Das, Lt Joygopal Chakraborty Lt Gane Ranjan Ghosh. Still today we earnestly pay our homage to them.

Their immortal blessings are always with the mortals like us."May the Almighty rest their sonless in place." Facing and overcoming many obstacles and hurdles we are still carrying on journey to the dawn leaving the nocturnal darkness behind. The crigin of the club was on the day of Mahalaya, the commencement of Devi pakhya in the year 1948. it was the memorable year of the commencement of "Maha Shakti Aradhana" a penance for acquiring strength and will power anything that comes on the path.

"Remember! Where there is will there is way. May the age be of grass (youth hood) or age of hay (old age)."

In 1949 the great freedom fighter Ananta Singha stepped in with a new vigour of youth hood. 1950 was glories for the celebration of the great Parimal Ray for wining the award of "Mr. Asia". We had arranged many help for those homeless people of Assam underwent a terrible earthquake.

In 1957 we ware gifted with a divine personality of gym ward as a trainer of our club Mr. Asias Dulal Dutta. In 1959 the club was registered under the section 21 of West Bengal Government.

In 1960 keep a landmark for the inauguration of our club's Shaki Puja by the reverent the then finance minister and education Minister Shaila Mukherjee and Rabindrabath Sinha along with a cultural program for a duration of four days that provided a colourful feather of entertainment of the people of our locality.